Business Management Process

Business Management Process

At CSi, we believe your success is our success. With that in mind, we work alongside you in a partnership approach to address the unique problems and challenges you are facing. Cogent works with complete transparency and integrity to deliver solutions that are right for you and your business and the snapshot of time you are in. Our process is designed to work holistically with your business to address your individual needs with tailored solutions.

Our business management consulting approach stays with you as the owner and works alongside your teams “boots on the ground” to achieve goals and ensure long term success. In this light, we have developed a stepped approach to:

  1. Identify opportunities in your business: The Discovery
  2. Help drive implementation of solutions: The Project Engagement
  3. Assist in keeping you on track for long term success: The Lifecycle Relationship

CSi provides a tailored Discovery Process designed to analyze your current state of a business. A key aspect of this analysis is to identify “opportunities” (or areas within your business that are under performing and can be improved) and provide tangible solutions that will help solve the issues. Through the Discovery, we construct an individualized roadmap that focuses on the key areas that are fundamental to the success of your business.

Arch & design working with CSi

Many business owners know there is room for improvement in their business, but may not know where to begin to look or how to address the problems and challenges. Keeping integrity and transparency first, CSi’s Discovery Process is designed to work with the owner to dig deep into the key pillars of business outlined in the CSi Profit Platform of: SALES, PEOPLE, OPERATIONS and CONTROLS.

By analyzing all aspects of the business in detail, your CSi business analyst is able to recommend customized solutions that will improve operations, increase cash flow, and maximize profitability.

The Discovery Process is tailored to your needs and is designed to analyze your current state of business. It is a comprehensive, “deep dive” into all aspects of your business and it effectively identifies the challenge areas that can be improved to maximize performance.

Through the Discovery, we construct a roadmap that brings value by identifying key areas of focus that are fundamental to the success of your business. Together, we implement the plan and deliver powerful solutions with the integrity and transparency that are the leading principals of our firm.

  • Powerful tools to enhance the potential and competitive advantage of your business.
  • A comprehensive picture of your company’s strengths and opportunities to improve success.
  • An effective and tailored approach to accelerate your company to achieve goals.



At CSi, our business consultants work with you to ensure that it is one of true partnership and total support. When we offer solutions to your business challenges, we work side by side with you as the owner, as well as with your management team and throughout your organization. We ensure that all solutions are fully supported, implemented, and running smoothly.

During the consulting project, your CSi consultant will train and coach your team on how to take ownership of problems, provide fixes, optimize processes, and understand metrics to ensure long term profitability and success.

The goal of our business consultants is to increase your profitability and cash flow. They transform core processes and systems for greater flexibility, higher efficiency, increased performance, and lower costs. Hiring a consultant can help businesses, like your own, improve in operating procedures and make necessary changes to achieve success.

CSi business consultants are highly vetted, and skilled at solving complex business challenges. Over the course of your project, we work with absolute integrity and transparency as true strategic partners.

As an initial project may come to a close, we do not leave a business owner. Our service includes follow up calls and visits that we build into a Lifecycle Relationship. This provides lasting support and counsel, and ensures continuous improvement for the life of the business, its owner, family, and employees.

We are committed to the long-term, continuous health and success of your company. We have partnered with you through a Discovery and implemented solutions during the consulting project. However, it does not end there. We will maintain an on-going partnership or a “Lifecycle Relationship” to provide continued support that will keep you on track, protect your interests, and guide you to achieve and maintain sustainable, long-term success.
Weekly contact in the month following the completion of a project, followed by, monthly contact to help reinforce your change initiatives, then, on-going, Lifecycle visits either quarterly or semi-annually to review and measure KPIs, identify new opportunities, provide coaching, and on-demand availability with the Cogent team to help support your success. A partnership with CSi is just that we believe your success is our success and we strive to provide a complete support program from Discovery to Implementation to Lifecycle Relationship; all delivered with integrity and transparency for you and your business. This is the CSi Difference and this is what sets us apart from others in the industry.